Download High-speed VPN for Laptop and PC

Download High-speed VPN for Laptop and PC
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Now download and install High-speed VPN for Laptop and PC running Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7 and MacOS, OS X operating systems. With the help of High-speed VPN on your computer, be it a notebook or a PC, you can access all the web content that is apparently blocked by your ISP. Running on your computer has several advantages.

At first, you can use a cool application, which is only available for a smartphone platform, on your computer. This will enable the users to make the best out of this application. There is a plethora of VPN solutions available for a computer, but those solutions do not work up to the expectations everytime. Android platform has a handful of VPN applications which have been working fine for a while. High-speed VPN is one of those applications. You can always experience all your favourite Android apps on a computer, so why not to run some VPN applications as well and unleash the real power of internet?

High-speed VPN for PCHigh-speed VPN for PC

High-speed VPN will hide your identify while you are browsing the internet. This means you can surf the internet anonymously and none of your data will be compromised. It also gives you the opportunity to boost up your internet speed. The application offers unlimited bandwidth. There is an option to turn on the internet through a location of your choice. Let’s have a look at the features of High-speed VPN now and then look at the steps to install High-speed VPN for Laptop.

High-speed VPN is the fastest VPN. View websites for free, securely and anonymously (privately) using High-speed VPN, a free unlimited VPN service.

Access to multimedia, video and messaging applications from anywhere in the world | Unlock social networks VK, Classmates or access to mail | Wi-Fi connection security | Ensuring security and privacy when using mobile devices

High-speed VPN Highlights

✓ Quick Login without registration: to use the basic functions of the application, you do not need to create an account or have a credit card!

✓ Speed: The fastest channels among VPN services.

✓ Simple: Unlock (connect) all the sites of the world with just one click of the "Connect" button.

✓ Free and unlimited access: use the basic functions for free and always, and to get unlimited opportunities just go to the subscription!

✓ Secure: Strong encryption will ensure you complete anonymity (confidentiality) and security.

■ What is a High-speed VPN

High-speed VPN provides a secure and reliable connection over an encrypted channel between your device and the end site using virtual private network (VPN) technology. High-speed VPN hides your real IP address to make your device anonymous. Thanks to this, your online activity will no longer be monitored, and you will be able to access limited websites even behind firewalls.

■ How to unlock VC, Classmates, mail and more

You need to set the High-speed VPN and click "Connect". High-speed VPN will choose the optimal server for connection, and you can only use your favorite resources.

■ Why High-speed VPN

High-speed VPN service is 100% free, unlimited, secure and very simple
in use. You can connect to any of the servers listed below (Sweden, UK, Denmark, France, USA, Netherlands and Canada), and assess the privacy and freedom of using the Internet without restrictions. High-speed VPN provides the following options.

⇨ Access to any website in any country. Bypassing restrictions and gaining access
To any blocked sites, wherever you are. Access to sites that are blocked or censored by the government, school or workplace. Bypass firewalls, which allows you to unlock Facebook, watch YouTube and circumvent the limitations of VOIP. High-speed VPN will unlock all these sites using VPN.

⇨ Protect data from hackers. When connecting to a public Wi-Fi access point, your name, password and personal information can be easily stolen. High-speed VPN encrypts your data and provides security for the bank level for better protection.

⇨ High-speed VPN is a one-touch VPN. High-speed VPN contains only one button. Clicking this button allows you to connect to multiple anonymous servers at a faster rate than using a Web proxy. When you do not use our application, we help to save battery life of your device.
And we provide a speedy, completely free unlimited VPN service!

⇨ Anonymous (confidential) browsing of websites. Prevent unwanted attention from your ISP and
Websites to show you targeted advertising. High-speed VPN changes your IP address, so your personal data on the network is anonymous (hidden), and your Internet activity is hidden from prying eyes and organizations.

Name: High-speed VPN
Developer: KSystems
Category: Application
Version: 0.3.7
Last Updated: 21 Jun 2017
Google Play URL:

Source: Google Play Store

High-speed VPN for Laptop and PC

  • First of all, you need an Android emulator running on your computer. You can get BlueStacks, BlueStacks 2, Remix OS Player or Andy OS by visiting their official pages. Install your desired Android emulator and set it up by following the on-screen instructions that it gives you.
  • Once you have the emulator set up and installed, open the emulator and access the Google Play Store in it.
  • If you are using BlueStacks or BlueStacks 2, you will use the search feature under the All Apps menu instead of accessing the Play Store.
  • Now in the search box, type “High-speed VPN” and search it using the Google Play Store.
  • Once the application shows up in search results, install it.
  • Now access the application from the newly installed apps under the All Apps menu or the App Drawer.
  • Double click the new installed High-speed VPN now and run it. Connect the VPN by following the given instructions on the screen.
  • Now open the browser within the emulator to start accessing internet using another location.
  • Congratulations. You are done now.


Note: A VPN running inside an Android emulator will not work with a browser that is installed in your computer. In order to make such a VPN work, you must run the browser using the emulator as well. Best of luck.